Quality Policy

Arjeplog Test Management AB is working to gain full understanding and acceptance to our quality work both within our own organization and among our customers. Thanks to this we can offer an attractive and efficient workplace for both employees and customers.

This will be achieved by:

  • Continuously improving our service towards our customers by providing all employees with clearly defined and up-to-date procedures and instructions.
  • Keeping regular contact and meetings with our customers to ensure that accurate information is exchanged and misunderstandings can be avoided.
  • Suggesting possible changes and improvments in time to the customer in order to prevent mistakes and to improve quality.
  • Encouraging further training to develop new methods and approaches.
  • Regularly measuring the customer’s subjective assessment of our service through customer surveys.


Environmental Policy

Arjeplog Test Management AB strives to be an environmentally conscientious company where every employee considers the environment in their daily work. Further the operation should have as less impact on the environment as possible.

This will be achieved by:

  • Integrating environmentally friendly measures in the business operations. To motivate employees to work actively on these efforts, we educate and keep our employees informed about the measures.
  • We shall fokus on a livecykle perspektive during our purchase process, and strive to have a good co-operation with contractors and suppliers in order to reduce the environmental effects we jointly cause.
  • Keeping up-dated about new technologies, such as vehicles that have less impact on the environment.
  • Preventing pollution through good control and monitoring of operations.
  • Considering the laws and regulations that steer our activities as a minimum requirement for our operation.

Our business is possible thanks to the unique conditions that the surrounding nature provides. Our biggest impact on environment is our carbon emissions. To maintain operating conditions for a long time to come, we strive for continuous reduction of these emissions.

All our decisions in the operation are based on continuously improving the environmental aspects.


Work Environment Policy

Arjeplog Test Management AB is working for a constant improvement of the working environment and much effort is put into preventive actions. ATM as a working place shall be characterized by well-being and companionship that contributes to creativity and motivation. Suitable equipment, the lay-out of the workplace and good physical and social work environment contributes to efficiency and prevents injuries and illness.

A safe, efficient and attractive work place shall be achieved through:

  • Employees shall feel safe with and appreciated for the work they perform.
  • Employees shall be able to influence their own working situation and feel responsible for their own health.
  • Information about changes that affects the employees shall be given in good time.
  • The working environment is monitored continuously through questionnaires and work environment rounds.
  • Continuous identification of hazards and risks.
  • Thorough work introduction and instruction to routines.
  • Health care policy and occupational health care.
  • Frequent staff activities to increase team spirit and well being.
  • Fulfill the laws and regulations that regulates the work environment area.