About Arjeplog Test Management

ATM has about 20 years of experience as a service provider for winter testing. We have extensive experience in all aspects of vehicle testing in winter climates, from track preparation and event co-ordination to out-and-out engineering services.

We are a global working company with our head office situated in the center of the car testing cluster – Arjeplog.

Our aim is to be a first-class service provider, always ensuring that our customers and their wishes come first. To achieve this, we work actively with quality assurance and always aim to surpass the stringent requirements imposed by our customers. Our overarching environmental objective is to minimize the company’s environmental impact without compromising the quality of our work. Read more about our policies here >>

Using the tools these systems provide, we can continue to move our company forward in a responsible way for our customers, our environment and our employees.

  • ATM in short

    Established in 2002
    Member of the NMI group
    Operates globally
    Head office in Arjeplog
  • Arjeplog Test Management is part of the NMI Group, the region’s largest stakeholder in vehicle testing. We have 30 years’ experience in the industry, annual sales of approximately EUR 30 million and employ close to 250 people on a yearly basis. The Group also owns one of northern Sweden’s largest hotels, built specially for our vehicle testing customers. Each day, we drive twice the circumference of the globe while testing vehicles for our customers.

Our history


Driving School

Our ATM Driving school expands with new customers this season, both within the car testing industry and event business.


Engineering Service

Established test-methods at Engineering Service are available to improve vehicle-validation or verification of unique component/systems like critical customers usage of vehicles in cold arctic winter climate.
Ideal for the validation of EV, HEV and stop/start systems.


A new testing area in Greenland

A testing area in Greenland is established. Here we provide low-mu testing opportunities in early autumn and late spring as a compliment to the existing season in Arjeplog.


Opening of New Headquarters in Arjeplog

ATM leaves Vaitoudden as a service provider for Bosch after 12 seasons and moves into newly renovated facilities in Arjeplog. The collaborative partnership between Bosch and ATM Driving School continues, as does other work with new and existing customers.


OHSAS Certification

ATM takes another step forward in our efforts to ensure a good work environment for our employees, achieving Occupational Health and Safety certification in accordance with OHSAS 18001.


Establishment of New Track Area for ATM Driving School

A new area is established for the ATM Driving School approximately 10 km from Arjeplog. Various tracks are offered on the same lake and includes a facility suitable for coffee breaks, lunch and dinner.


ATM Engineering Service Forms New Relationships

ATM Engineering Service establishes relationships with new customers among international OEMs and engineering consultancy firms.


ISO Certification

Our operations are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, Quality and ISO 14001, Environment standards.


ATM Engineering Service Strengthened

ATM Engineering Service’s employs Magnus Hillerborn, a highly experienced engineer with years of knowledge in complete-vehicle validation.


ATM expands in China

A second subsidiary is founded in China with a focus on events for premium European brands.


Collaboration with LTU and Sparbanken Nord

ATM collaborates with Luleå University of Technology and the bank Sparbanken Nord to develop a trainee programme together with ATM Engineering Service. We incorporate four students into our operations. Today, these students are experienced engineers working in the automotive industry.


ATM Begins Operations in China

A subsidiary is founded in Yakeshi, northern China, where ATM works as a full service partner for a test facility.


ATM Engineering Service Founded

ATM founds ATM Engineering Service, a division dedicated to performing application and validation work in Arjeplog and northern Europe.


Development of ATM Driving School

ATM is tasked with developing ATM Driving School into a school for training engineers to drive on winter roads. In the same year, we are also commissioned to train instructors for a worldwide ESP campaign. Our driving school holds courses in Japan, China, France, Germany and the UK over a two-year period.


Opening of Bosch Winter Test Center

Bosch Winter Test Center Vaitoudden opens with ATM as a full service partner.


Arjeplog Test Management AB Founded

ATM is founded and a temporary testing operation begins at Vaitoudden, approximately 10 km north of Arjeplog.


Planning Begins

The first plans for a new company and a major new test centre in Arjeplog begin.