Basic winter training
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Basic winter training

With our customized one day training, Basic winter training, we focus especially on the engineers/test drivers who come to our region to run and test their cars on snow and ice.

The training includes both theory and practice, and our experienced instructors provide individual advice on how each driver can drive more safely.
Modern cars are equipped with various safety systems that will make your journey more comfortable and safer. However, one must be able to use the equipment properly. In our training, you try and experience how the different safety systems, such as ABS and ESP, function in practice.
During the one day training, our instructors will provide, and develop your skills and driving techniques in realistic situations under controlled conditions.

Example of a day program:

  • Theory of winter driving dynamics
  • Practical driving exercises, e.g.
    • ABS with road choice
    • “Controlled over steering”
    • Slalom
  • Lunch
  • Practical driving exercises, e.g.
    • ESP evasive manoeuvre test “Moose test”
    • Circle
    • Handling course
  • Evaluation

Åsa Lindberg

Coordinator +46 961 582801

"Great excercises that are useful also in real life ! Great instructors !"

Michael, participant, february 2015