Engineering Services

An internal ATM company department providing engineers who are highly skilled in low-mμ conditions, and with over 20 years’ experience in vehicle testing, especially in cold artic winter conditions.

We have engineering services in different areas, including application engineering with support from benchmarking and target setting to final validation. Vehicle validation and training in low-mμ applications in combination with our ATM Driving School. With drivers skilled in both vehicle evaluation as well as driving on winter roads, our engineering department operates globally.

Driving School

For over 20 years the ATM Driving School has offered various kinds of driver training, which we know has had a positive impact, helping to increase safety on the test facilities and public roads.
During the training, our instructors will help you develop your skills and driving techniques in realistic situations under controlled conditions.

Facility and Administration services

ATM’s new premises include both office space and a garage for customers. Here, we provide personal service in a welcoming, family-like atmosphere.

We have extensive experience in creating test tracks with the most demanding conditions requested by our customers. At Ullak Lake, approximately ten kilometres north-west of Arjeplog, we offer a set of top-quality tracks.